Customization of vehicles

At Van Vliet Automotive, we specialize in customizing new trucks according to specific customer requirements, catering to global applications. With our expertise and experience, we can modify trucks to meet your unique needs and ensure they are suitable for various operating conditions worldwide.

Our customization services encompass a wide range of options, allowing us to tailor the trucks to your specific preferences and industry requirements. Whether it's modifying the truck's configuration, adding specialized equipment or bodyworks or implementing unique features, our skilled team is well-equipped to handle the task.

We understand that different regions and industries have varying demands and regulations. Therefore, we take into account factors such as local road conditions, climate and operational constraints while customizing the trucks. By considering these factors, we can create vehicles that are not only optimized for performance but also compliant with relevant standards.

Our team of engineers and technicians work closely together to understand your exact specifications and translate them into practical modifications. We ensure that the modified trucks adhere to the highest quality standards, maintaining the integrity and reliability of the original vehicle while incorporating the desired enhancements.

By choosing Van Vliet Automotive for truck customization, you gain access to our extensive network of trusted suppliers and partners, enabling us to source the best components and materials for the modifications. Our commitment to excellence extends to every aspect of the customization process, from sourcing premium parts to implementing precise engineering solutions.

With our global reach and logistical capabilities, we can efficiently deliver the customized trucks to your desired location, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. Trust Van Vliet Automotive to transform your new trucks into purpose-built vehicles that meet your specific requirements, wherever they may be used worldwide.

Examples of our customized vehicles

Special products that Van Vliet has made as part of a customized order include:

  • Fire trucks, various capacities water/foam, integrated crew cabs, for various applications;
  • Mobile workshops / service units / fuel and lube trucks, entirely tailored to your needs;
  • Environmental service trucks, like garbage collectors, road-sweeper trucks, vacuum tankers;
  • Trucks equipped with cranes, front/rear mounted, capacities varying from 2t/m up to 215t/m;
  • Crew buses / personal carriers, off-road type, for safe transportation of your valuable assets;
  • Fuel tanker trucks, various capacities, compartment numbers, for petrol, diesel or jet-fuel;
  • Emergency services vehicles, such as ambulances, for optimum safety;
  • General cargo transporters, various kinds such as closed box, refrigerator body, open platform with tarpaulins;

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